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    Arizona Auto Insurance — A Rudimentary Study

    Each state has its own way of dealing with vehicle insurance and driving laws. If you’re from other state and you’ve just transferred to Arizona, then you might become a little disoriented with the numerous differences. Arizonaautoinsurancequotes.org brings you the basics to ensure that you follow the correct processes and stay out of trouble. We also share some advice on cost reduction for people who are looking for cheap auto insurance quotes in Arizona. Give our search tool a try. It can give you the freshest quotes from any area by just typing in the corresponding zip code.

    AZ Auto Insurance: The Legal Essentials

    It is absolutely crucial to secure an insurance policy if you are planning to drive around the state. If an officer catches you driving without insurance papers, you can face harsh penalties. Don’t pick a plan randomly or simply on the basis of cost. Read the fine print to check if it gives sufficient coverage as mandated by law. Cheap car insurance in Arizona is worth your while only if it passes the minimum requirements as listed in the table below. As you can see, you don’t need no-fault insurance nor UM/UIM coverage which should keep the fees manageable.



    Most Common

    Bodily Injury Liability



    Property Damage Liability






    PIP Coverage


    Minimum Requirements

    Medical Payments





    500 Deductible



    Zero Deductible

    Attend to this carefully and diligently. Only then can you move on to other important matters such as speed limits and general road rules. Like most states, Arizona imposes varied limits according to road type. Follow these at all times to stay clear of legal complications.

    Speed Limits
    Rural Interstate Roads 75 mph
    Urban Interstate Roads 65 mph
    Other Limited-Access Roads 65 mph
    Other Roads 65 mph; trucks, 65 mph

    Additional Resources on Arizona Auto Insurance

    One article cannot discuss everything you need to know about the state’s insurance and driving laws. Use the following links to gather more information on ID processing, latest news, FAQs, and everything else. Be sure to visit the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division at the very least: http://www.azdot.gov/mvd
    Arizona Department of Insurance: http://www.azinsurance.gov
    Official Website of Arizona: www.az.gov

    Recommendations for Locating Cheap Auto Insurance in Arizona

    The first thing is always to find a good insurance company. There are subtle distinctions in the way providers appreciate certain factors. When added up, these could mean the difference between paying an average amount and a much lower figure. Next is to ask for a list of discounts being offered and checking eligibility for each. Some of them can be easily applied for such as the discount for college graduates and the one for motorists who avoid driving during the rush hour.

    You can have the best of both worlds: ensure legal compliance while keeping the budget in check. Maximize free resources like the ones we provide here at Arizonaautoinsurancequotes.org. Our quote aggregator has helped thousands save on cash.

    Do things right so that you can drive with peace of mind, and get the most out of your dollars by switching to a better provider today.

    Also, keep in mind that specific cities will have their own discounts available for drivers:

    Arizona Official Website
    Official Website of Arizona State