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    Drivers in Arizona face similar laws as other states when it comes to automobile insurance. In order for a car to be legally driven in Arizona the owner is responsible to have at least a minimum liability insurance policy on their vehicle. Driving a vehicle without insurance can result with stiff legal penalties if caught, and even more severe penalties if a driver is involved in an auto accident.

    Legal Arizona Insurance Requirements

    According to Arizona’s state laws drivers must carry minimum liability insurance which covers $15,000 per person and up to $30,000 for property damages. This coverage is required by nearly every state because too many drivers were not able to cover the damages of accidents they were involved in. Unfortunately when accidents occur the damages are not limited to the vehicles that collide. Often personal injuries and death are intertwined when an accident occurs.
    When personal injuries are sustained the medical bills can become outlandish. As a result of too many victims suffering both medical injuries and severe financial problems most states require that every driver carry insurance on their vehicles. Though auto insurance can be expensive, especially for certain types of vehicles and certain drivers, driving without coverage in Arizona can cost drivers more in fines and consequences than their payment amounts to each month.

    The Best Arizona Auto Insurance Companies

    • Arizona auto insurance companies offer drivers several levels of protection ranging from the minimum liability required by law up to full coverage policies. Geico is one of the popular insurance companies covering Arizona drivers. This company is considered to be one of the best and largest insurance companies available and is well known for offering rather reasonable rates, even for drivers with poor driving records. As with most of the Arizona car insurance companies, Geico policies can be purchased direct via the internet.
    • Another favored auto insurance company in Arizona is Esurance. After starting its website in 1999, Esurance which is owned by Allstate quickly became one of the leading automobile insurers in the U.S. Offering client’s low rates and reliable auto coverage has given this company a reputation as being a preferred auto insurance company in every state. When Arizona drivers are shopping for auto insurance they will also come across the name of Liberty Mutual.
    • Liberty Mutual is an insurance company that has been a household name for many years. Due to offering low full coverage auto insurance rates as well as other types of insurance, such as property and life insurance, this company has earned the trust of many policy holders. Being one of the largest among insurance companies this company has the ability to offer very low rates to its clients. While Liberty Mutual is one of the largest insurance companies, so is Progressive.
    • Being known for offering special savings incentives, many Arizona drivers take advantage of these incentives. Offering its clients the ability to purchase insurance direct has made the Progressive name become one of the most popular among auto insurance companies. Arizona drivers are also familiar with the auto insurer known as Nationwide.┬áNationwide offers excellent savings on all types of auto insurance policies and can also be purchased online.

    Arizona residents enjoy the savings and convenience offered by Nationwide and many other top auto insurers. Arizona drivers love shopping online for their insurance needs.┬áResidents of Arizona can easily get free quotes from all of the above named auto insurers, as well as other insurers simply by utilizing a website that is specifically for their state. By going to Arizonaautoinsurancequotes.org drivers not only get free quotes, but can also compare policy quotes among the leading Arizona auto insurance companies. Drivers that use Arizonaautoinsurancequotes.org not only save time, they save money as well. Offering drivers several rates among the leading insurance companies makes this site a trusted resource for Arizona’s auto insurance needs.

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