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    Average Phoenix Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $241 Per Annum

    Phoenicians have a lot going for them thanks to their wonderful city. In terms of vehicle insurance, they are somewhat in the middle paying neither too high nor too low. The average in the city is exactly $1,700 which is nearly level with the mean in Maricopa County. It does, however, seem expensive when compared to the average in Arizona which is a mere $1,419.

    Insurance Factors at Play in Phoenix, AZ

    Residents hoping to decrease their financial burdens by getting cheap auto insurance in Phoenix AZ should brush up on risk reduction. They must understand what makes providers lean towards a high fee or a lower fee for any given situation. Once they master this, they will be able to make appropriate adjustments to their own circumstances whenever possible. The list below will be instructive:

    • Location — Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and currently the sixth most populous city in the country. It’s a good place to settle in with a vibrant community and bustling economy, making its 1,448,531 inhabitants feel right at home. The population grew by almost 10% since 2000 and there are no signs of this slowing down. No worries about the density, though. Its 474.9 square miles of land area is more than adequate for every resident. Right now there are only 3,050 people per sq mi which is quite manageable for everyone concerned. More crowded cities bear heftier insurance charges as they tend to bring about higher accident counts.
    • Driving To Work — If you drive less, you pay less. This makes sense as less time behind the wheel means less exposure to collisions and other stresses. The typical Phoenix worker takes 26.1 minutes to reach the office. The city’s fatal accident count, meanwhile, is at 9 per 100,000. This is notably higher than the state’s 6.6 per 100,000 recorded rate in 2009. Discounts also await those who routinely shy away from driving during peak hours.
    • Auto Thefts — In 2011, there were 7,555 cars stolen within city limits. This may seem like a staggering amount but remember that Phoenix has a large population. Of course, residents have the right to be concerned. They must attend to their car’s security arrangement to protect it from criminals. If they install anti-theft devices, then they will be able to ward off thieves and even get an insurance discount for their troubles.
    • Education — Looking at the statistics on education, 15.1% of the Phoenix residents appear to have graduated from college — very similar to the state rate of 15.2%. Owning a bachelor’s degree entitles an individual to discounts from providers.

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